Project Gallery

I-280 EB

McCarthy Improvement Company

Builders Supplied over 55,000 cubic yards of concrete to this project in 2012. Eight miles of the Eastbound lanes were completely replaced. Using our Central Mixed Batch Plant, we delivered in excess of 200 yards/hour in dump trucks during the mainline construction. The shoulders and ramps were paved with Ready Mix trucks out of the same plant.

Kone Office Building

Treiber Construction

This beautiful building was constructed in the summer and fall of 2011. Builders utilized Lafarge’s TrueLite® Lightweight Aggregate on the suspended floors to achieve a lightweight concrete mix. This project has been nominated for awards with the National Slag Cement Association and is included in Lafarge’s yearly Calendar.

Rock Island Wet-Weather Wastewater Treatment Plant

Civil Constructors

This massive project had a very specific requirement for Mass Concrete which needed to have low heat generation within the poured concrete. Working with the contractor, we developed a low heat-of-hydration mix utilizing 2” coarse aggregate and high levels of Flyash and Slag replacement of cement.

Rock Island Fertilizer Storage Building

Stueve Construction/Valley Construction

This project involved two extremely large floor pours, that began shortly after midnight and finished as the sun rose. With four pump trucks on site, it took two central mix plants running at full speed and 25 trucks to achieve the unload rates exceeding 300 yards/hour that were needed for this job.